Our Family

It is a very important part of our vision to work and engage with people who have the same values as us.
These people have become part of our Vintage Sister family. 
We believe in sharing the talent of others to help them flourish as they deserve. Hence, we would like to introduce you to the family members who have joined us on this journey.
We want to shout about their skills and tell you how much we love them. So please feel free to get in touch with each and every one of these amazing people if you would like to work with them too.
Georgina Chapman
We welcome our newest family member to join the Vintage Sisterhood.  Georgie is a super talented fashion designer we were lucky enough to work with at the beginning of her career.  Imagine how much fun our photo shoots are when we get back together!
As well as fashion Georgie has teamed up to create a home collection @here.and.now.home.
You can find Georgie at georgina_chapman@hotmail.co.uk


Dave Black
Not only is Dave a graphic designer and filmmaker, but he is also co-founder Kim’s husband. And he is a huge part of our family. Dave has been by our side, since the very beginning of our vision to launch a sustainable brand, helping and advising us all the way on our strategy. In fact, it was Dave who created our much-loved Vintage Sister logo.
You can find Dave at: www.blackcreative.co.uk


Bianca Zehra
Bianca was the first of our sisters to join the Vintage Sisterhood. We couldn’t think of anyone better to model in our first photoshoot. From the very beginning, Bianca was our muse. Beautiful both inside and out, her energy was infectious. Her positivity and understanding of what we wanted to create left us smiling for days after the shoot. While she works as a part-time model, Bianca is also known as a fashion and interiors stylist.
You can find Bianca at: www.biancazehra.com


Reda Pakstyte
Lithuanian-born Reda was the second of our sisters to join the sisterhood. Reda’s features are in complete contrast to Bianca’s, which is just what we wanted. But like Bianca, Reda was also a muse of ours from the very beginning. Her natural beauty really struck us.
A total professional, Reda turned up to the shoot wearing vintage with a bounce in her step. We just knew this was going to be another perfect match! London-based Reda is a part-time model, as well as a photographer.
You can find Reda at: www.pakstyte.com


David Debidin
With a design and architectural background, David is not your average creative. David joined our family to support the creativity in our fashion shoot.  A highly inspirational and extremely creative person, David got straight into the groove and delivered our vision perfectly with his photography.

You can find David at: www.thatdave.com/


Sarah Ruddock
Ruddock jewellery is created by Sarah Ruddock. A colleague and long-time friend for many years, we have always admired her style and asthetic.  Her handmade pieces explore sculptural forms and the natural world, things which inspire us too, making Ruddock the perfect jewellery brand collaboration.
Sarah is the perfect sister and muse.
You can find Ruddock Jewellery at: www.ruddockjewellery.co.uk/


Tora Jackson
Tora joined the family to help us get the website up and running. All-round lifesaver, Tora quickly understood our vision, both creatively and commercially. She helped us to create exactly what we had envisioned.
Creative, fun and hard-working, Tora studied fashion design at the London College of Fashion. She is currently looking for design roles in sustainable fashion.
We highly recommend her!
You can find her on Instagram as: @tora_jackson1