Vintage Notes

Welcome to our Vintage Sisterhood. Thank you so much for supporting Vintage Sister and our mission to keep clothes forever. Each piece has memories, stories and values it wants to pass on to future generations.
Each piece we have lovingly selected is a one-off that has been discovered from around the world. As each item is a one off and available in one size only, it cannot therefore be restocked. On the rare occasion we may find something similar again, so keep a look out or get in touch if there is anything you really love, but missed and we can keep you updated as to whether we find something similar again.

As with all vintage and second life clothing it has a past, and therefore it will not be in perfect condition. We believe this gives each piece a unique look and feel. We will always give you style and condition notes in the listing so you know the exact condition of each piece.

Sisters wash smart

To be more mindful of the environment we suggest only washing when really necessary. Skip the washing machine and drier. We recommend line drying in your garden or hang to air in your bathroom. You can also spot clean. We recommend green dry cleaning only when really necessary.

Everything we select is lovingly done so with passion. Vintage Sister x