We Are Sisters

SISTERS is a statement to show LOVE and appreciation to ALL women. Our sweatshirt project was born out of our belief in Sisterhood. Every step of the way we considered women. The women who will embroider them, who will wear them, who can benefit from them.


Our Sweatshirt
Designing and creating sweatshirts with our logo was something we’ve dreamed of doing since we started Vintage Sister, however nothing felt truly organic until now. We really wanted to incorporate Sisterhood into the creation of our sweatshirts, so we were were over the moon when we discovered Mona and her community sewing school in Bow on a housing estate in Tower Hamlets, London.
Our WE ARE SISTERS logo reflects the letter S which represents two sisters looking at each other. We believe Siserhood is the key to empowerment, social change and freedom.
All of our sweatshirts have been sourced from the 80s and 90s. Each piece is a slightly different shape, being vintage, each piece is unique, no two are the same. Each piece is lovingly embroidered by Mona and her wonderful team of women at the Bow Sewing Centre.

Our Charity



The United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR) has been protecting and assisting refugees around the world for over 70 years. A global organization dedicated to saving lives, protecting rights and building a better future for refugees, forcibly displaced communities and stateless people.


UNHCR has helped millions of people to restart their lives. They include refugees, returnees, stateless people, the internally displaced and asylum-seekers. They provide protectionshelter, health and education healing broken pasts and building brighter futures.

No one chooses to be a refugee

Our Community
Mona's team is made up of talented local women from the community. Mostly Asian women who have suffered domestic violence. This sewing community gives them strength and serves as therapy within their lives. We really wanted to work with skilled women creators in the UK that face barriers to employment and fail to get equal opportunity. This was the perfect collaboration. We LOVE working with Mona and her team of women who show great vision and are passionate about what they do.
Mona teaches sewing lessons for women from low income backgrounds, and people with disabitlites on the estate.  Mona has been holding these lessons for fifteen years and is a real fixture within her community. Mona is a true inspiration. We look forward to continuing this relationship with Mona and her team. Join us and become part of our sisterhood. #wearesisters