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"We love fashion, but we don't want it to destroy people or our planet"

We have a passion for beautiful clothes, and we’re huge fans of vintage design and influences, be it fashion, architecture or furniture. We have both long had a love affair with the design aesthetic and quality that comes from the past.


We really do know and love fashion!

Between us, we have many years experience in the fashion industry. As a buying director, Andrea was responsible for developing and delivering the brand vision for well-known brands including Coast and Monsoon, overseeing buying, production, fabric, pattern rooms and technical teams. Kim’s background is in fashion design. She specialises in womenswear and has designed for many familiar brands including Monsoon and Coast where she was head of design. We loved working together when we met at Monsoon in early 2000, and were lucky to work together again for many years at Coast from 2011.

These roles required us to seek out inspiration, suppliers and manufacturers in places such as New York, Los Angeles, Buenos Aires, Tokyo, Paris, Hong Kong and New Delhi. And it was on these trips that we picked up many beautiful vintage pieces.

We have long had a love affair with the design aesthetic and quality that comes from the past. We have always endeavoured to create beautiful clothing that makes the heart flutter. Vintage Sister is the perfect combination of both these things


The fashion industry as we know it is unsustainable

However, we also know that the fashion industry is one of the most environmentally damaging industries on the planet. The industry needs a revolutionary change to protect our world and slow down the climate crisis. And while we don’t want to walk away from fashion, we don’t want our clothes to be part of a harmful, cycle of non-sustainable, polluting production, transportation and waste.


Vintage is the new new

The summer of 2018 was the start of a rollercoaster ride and a year of thinking differently for us both. Everything that we learned and discovered during that time lead us towards the direction of vintage fashion. This intense journey of twists and turns resulted in us creating and curating a vintage collection of affordable luxury pieces. And so Vintage Sister was born. This for us was the start of a positive change.


Chosen with love

Now instead of creating and travelling the world just for the sake of fashion, we stay closer to home where we discover and curate. Every item of clothing we choose is selected for quality, timeless design and the attention to detail that we know will set it apart from the rest. Each piece has been curated with love and passion and we hope you get as much joy from wearing this collection as we’ve had discovering it. 

Andrea and Kim

The Vintage Sisters x