Our Policies

Our packaging and postcards
Choosing recycled products is a positive step towards helping to conserve the Earth's natural resources and reduce the amount of waste which would otherwise go to landfill. 
It is important to us to choose suppliers that share the same vision and values as we do.  So you will find that our envelopes, tissue paper and postcards come from recycled sources. And it’s all made and printed in the UK.
Most of the packaging materials used by us in your orders is recyclable, so please try to reuse, recycle or compost it if you can.
Our Garment Labels
Our Vintage Sister garment labels are made from cotton and are printed in the UK. The cotton yarn comes from Italy. 
Our Carbon Footprint 
From sourcing our clothing to picking office supplies, we are always striving to ensure we have a low carbon footprint.
And by choosing pre-loved and vintage clothing, you are reducing your personal carbon foot print by:
  • reducing the number of harmful emissions and unsustainable resources associated with the production of many new clothes;
  • giving used garments a new home, rather than contributing to the 10.5million (and growing) tons of textile discarded to landfill each year.
We are incredibly mindful of how we source our vintage clothing. Much of what we stock has been discovered from small markets and fairs around the UK. We try to keep overseas travel to a minimum and are mindful of the mode of travel we use.
Our Corporate Social and Ethical Policy
As an ethically conscious brand we believe that the treatment of our employees and suppliers is as important as our environmental responsibility. 
At Vintage Sister we are committed to creating a happy and balanced working environment where everyone is treated fairly. Where all staff are free from harassment or discrimination on the grounds of gender, race, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, religion, nationality etc. We strive to achieve this by actively encouraging a policy of well being, honesty, tolerance, friendship, kindness as well as laughter. We want all our staff to feel happy to come to work and feel proud to be working as a part of our family.
A fair price and prompt payment policy is part of a wider culture to ensure all suppliers and staff are treated with the respect they deserve.