Our Brand

Vintage Sister, simply means “sisters that love vintage”. We are friends that share a lifelong love of vintage fashion.
We are a modern, honest and responsible fashion brand. We LOVE fashion, however, we don’t want our clothes to contribute to damaging our planet.
At Vintage Sister our focus is on giving pre-loved clothing a second, third, or perhaps fourth chance at life. We believe vintage and pre-loved clothing is the perfect way to be sustainable and stylish at the same time.
Our focus is on selecting beautiful pieces from the 1920s to 2000s. We LOVE discovering hidden gems from forgotten wardrobes, and secret archives, each piece we select is unique and has an inspiring story to tell. We have discovered vintage in the UK, others have been found during our work and personal travels.
What’s so good about vintage?
Buying and selling vintage means that we are not contributing to the resource, energy and labour intensive cycle of mass clothing production, much of which is neither environmentally friendly or sustainable.
Vintage clothing is absolutely crucial for advancing circularity in fashion. It ensures that clothes are re-loved, reused and repurposed. This helps to divert them from being needlessly dumped into a landfill site. According to the Fashion Revolution Foundation “In a landfill, the decomposing clothes release methane, a harmful greenhouse gas. Synthetic fabrics like polyester and lycra can take hundreds of years to biodegrade.”
We also believe sharing will be an essential part of environmentalism in the future. For instance, we have some pieces in the collection that were originally designed for men, yet are perfectly suitable for women too.
Our vision
Our vision is to bring you a carefully curated collection of beautiful vintage pieces. Our passion for detail is what comes through in every piece of clothing we select.

The colour palettes are subtle, timeless and seasonless.
We want you to be able to pick our pieces from your wardrobe whether it’s spring or winter. We select clothes for radiant, confident, modern women. Women who appreciate that beautiful clothes shouldn’t cost the Earth. Women like you.

A focus on sustainability
Sustainability is a key aim of Vintage Sister. We are focused on how we source, clean, travel, pack and post our products. We search for the lowest impact solutions. We work with partners that share our vision and values. And while we may make mistakes on the way, we will endeavour to learn from them. Every day we will strive to do better.
We welcome your feedback
Like this world we live in, we are always evolving. This is why we welcome your feedback, so feel free to email our